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What is a Giclée? 

When discussing reproductions, it's important to note that not all reproductions are created equally. As each of my works is a Limited Edition Series, I want only the best quality for my work, which is why I choose giclées instead of an average art print (known as offset lithography). The term is derived from a French word meaning “the spraying of ink”. Giclées are museum-quality reproductions, which are printed using pigmented inks on 100% acid free cotton rag paper. Longevity tests show the inks I employ to be colorfast for 200 years with proper care, making it something of value to be passed down from generation to generation. Intense, direct lighting may reduce the longevity of the product, but reasonable lighting conditions should have very little, if any, effect.


Some nice characteristics of Giclées include: 1. They are printed utilizing durable archival inks, which add UV protection. 2. A broader color range of deeper colors is used than are available for use with offset lithography prints. 3. Giclées are very true and accurate to the original art, capturing the true color and texture of the original painting. 4. The rag paper that the Giclées are printed on is heavier than lithograph paper, giving it the look of an original painting. 5. The quality of the image, paper, color and printing techniques are extraordinary! 6. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL GICLÉES IN THE U.S.!

Notice some of the giclées have white borders, while others do not.  This is to maintain the original composition of the artwork, while providing a wide array of sizes and prices for clients.  For example, the original painting, Kintsugi in the San Juans, is an 8" x 10" painting, or a 4:5 ratio.  Both the 8" x 10" and the 16" x 20" size giclées maintain this same ratio (so there is no white border), but an 11" x 14" does not, so it will have a white border.

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