I Choose Hope


It is said that with every sunrise and morning, God’s mercies are new, giving us a reason to have hope each day. In 2020, 213 mornings had come and gone, streaming rays of sunlight into my room each morning, but that light and hope never seemed to reach my heart. It had been a hard year for me long before the global pandemic. As the year unfolded, it seemed the world became more hopeless each day, fraught with a merciless virus, and increasing division and hate. 


One day I was hiking before dawn for a nocturnal photoshoot. Afterwards, I was trekking back when the sun broke over the horizon. I felt something within me whisper, “Choose hope.”  As the sun turned the wild grasses into drops of gold, I set aside my anxieties and the state of the world as I watched a darkened landscape transform into sun-kissed waving wheat and rose-colored mesas.


I call this painting, I Choose Hope, because each morning will indeed give me the gift of a new sunrise, despite the burdens of our broken world. However, what I do with that gift is my choice. It is not easy to choose hope amidst the tempests of a global pandemic, economic crises, hatred, disunity, and personal storms. It's far easier to close the curtains of my heart to try and ease the onslaught of a despairing world, but in doing so I shut out the light, not just the dark. That's not who I want to be, so I choose perseverance, knowing hardship strengthens character, I choose to paint because art has the power to transform, and I choose hope because there's still beauty and goodness in the world. I Choose Hope invites viewers to open wide the curtains to their hearts and choose hope in their own lives.

I Choose Hope 10" x 20"

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