Autumn Joy


A lot of people love Spring because it represents new beginnings and life, plus it means summer is on the way. However, I believe every season has its beauty. This is true in the mountains, and true in our lives. Some seasons are easier than others (like climbing a 14er in the predawn of summer instead of winter!), yet there is purpose and beauty in every season, if we will look for it. 

 I titled this piece, Autumn Joy, because there is something about the sights and smells of the mountains in the fall that lift my spirits, no matter how low they are, and fill me with an indescribable joy at the gift of life, even when life is hard. 

The mountains always bring me renewal, restoration, and joy, but especially in the Autumn when the leaves blaze with color beyond imagination, the wind whispers of the hope and excitement of changing seasons, and the mountain-tops are kissed with the first hints of winter. I hope that wherever you are, when you view this painting, you can hear the sounds of the wind carrying the sweet smells of Autumn, feel your spirit lifted, and find joy in your current season of life.

Autumn Joy 18" x 24"

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