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Acrylic Paint: a water soluble paint appreciated for its quick drying times, museum quality, and vibrant color


Artistic voice: the unique and distinct artistic style of any given artist 


Commission: requesting and paying for a specific piece of art to be created by an artist


Hyperrealism: a movement of art born from photorealism that yields drawings, paintings, sculpture, etc. that appears to be a high-resolution photograph.  However, the Hyperrealist movement differs from Photorealism, moving beyond the appearance of a photography, to a work that is more emotive, and may address societal issues.


Mixed-media: works of art created using a variety of media


Media: the plural of “medium”; refers to the type of medium used to create a work of art (pencil, graphite, acrylic paint, watercolor, etc.)


NFS: Not for sale


Realism: works of art painted or drawn in a realistic way

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