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Commissioned  Artwork

Every soul has a story; every place has a heartbeat.  My passion is capturing the essence of each story and heartbeat, thus, bringing my clients' visions to life on canvas or paper. 


Additionally, I specialize in creating custom pieces to fulfill clients' artistic dreams for their homes and workspaces, including landscapes, wildlife paintings, and portraits.  Clients particularly appreciate my ability to create showcase pieces to fit large spaces, as I build and stretch my own museum-quality canvases, giving me the flexibility to meet my clients' Fine Art needs in bigger rooms.  I effectively communicate with each client from the initial consultation, to the photography session, all the way through the completed studio drawing or painting.

Prices vary based upon the size and type of media.  


What makes us rich or poor in the currency of love and life is not so much about the money we have, but the time we possess and how we choose to spend that time. Some live many decades, never learning to spend wisely; thus, they live impoverished lives. Others live for only awhile, but 
love so well, they are rich men indeed. 

Nathan Moore was one such man—he lived richly because he loved deeply; that is his legacy. This piece is titled Legacy to honor Nathan's life and the people he loved so well. 

Kevin, thank you for entrusting your brother's memory to me.

Charcoal, 18" x 24"; SOLD

...A Girl's Best Friend


Anyone who has ever had a four-legged best friend knows their price is more than diamonds.


Charcoal, 18" x 24"; SOLD


"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.  Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge." (Psalm 19:1-2)

I knew my client loved certain sci-fy books and any movie of epic grandeur.  Thus, I based this piece upon Psalm 19:1-2 and my own epic twist. 


Acrylic painting, 40" x 60"; SOLD

Love Connection

This hyperrealistic pencil portrait captures that developmental moment when an infant begins to discover her world, including looking into the eyes of her beloved daddy.


Pencil, 16" x 20"; SOLD

Daddy's Joy

Though I always prefer to do my own photography for my art references, sometimes clients have a particular photo that, though poor in quality, is of special sentimental value.  At such times, I enjoy using my skill to create a high-quality portrait to honor those memories. To honor the sentiment of the reference photo, I drew the portrait to look like an aged photograph placed on aged paper, complete with the vintage white frame. 


Pencil, 16" x 8"; SOLD


I loved the intensity and "imperfection" of this model--a bit sweaty for the photo shoot, features that aren't perfectly symmetrical, freckles, and skin that didn't look airbrushed. To me, that made her perfectly beautiful!

Pencil, 14.75" x 9.5"; SOLD

Hope For Uganda

Christian Medical Missionary work inspired this pencil drawing, Hope For Uganda.  This little boy's eyes speak of a pain and knowledge one so young should not have, yet hovering on his lips is a hopeful smile for the help, hope and future Christian missionaries brought on a medical missions trip in his area.  

Pencil, 14.75" x 9.5" SOLD

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